Baccarat Game Guide

How to Win at Baccarat

Your Guide To How To Win At Baccarat

Knowing the rules of baccarat can certainly help you to learn how to win at baccarat.

How To Win At Baccarat: The Basics

Baccarat is definitely 1 of the oldest and most popular casino games. It is especially popular among high-rollers, Asian gamblers, especially in Macau. Baccarat seems complicated and elegant, but is actually as simple as betting on the flip of a coin.

Baccarat is played in an exclusive roped off area to separate itself from other casino games. The players are usually well heeled and the table min’s are often quite high. A conventional baccarat table is roughly the size of a craps table that has 3 casino dealers and as many as 12 - 14 players. Each player may bet on either the player or the banker but most dealing players bet on the banker.

The deal will rotate from player to player, and players that do not want to deal may pass the shoe on to the player next to them. Two cards are dealt face down and depending on the totals, cards are looked at, and the dealer may then ask the person dealing the cards to deal a 3rd card. Finally, dealers pay out winning wagers and collect losing ones. The dealing player does not assume any financial responsibility of the bets (like in pai gow) but is just dealing cards.

How To Win At Baccarat: Variations

Mini baccarat follows the same rules are conventional baccarat. However, here the dealer turns over all the cards, making this a much faster game. The odds are of course the same as those of the conventional big table, assuming you are playing with the same amount of decks. Some mini baccarat is played with a 6-deck shoe, which changes the odds slightly.

Midi baccarat is pretty much the same as mini baccarat, except that the table is larger, and you will usually found it in the high-limit rooms, and not on the main casino floor.

How To Win At Baccarat:  All You Need To Know To Win

The dealer turns over 1 card at the start of a new shoe.  This will decide how many cards the dealer will burn, according to the baccarat card value, except that a face card or a ten will result in ten cards burned.

The cut card is placed sixteen cards from the bottom of the shoe. When the cut card re-appears, the dealer finishes that hand, plays 1 more hand, and then starts a new shoe. Baccarat begins by all players betting either on the banker, player, or tie. You can sometimes also bet on a player pair and banker pair.

After all bets are made, the dealer gives 2 cards each to the banker and the player. The right digit of the total of the cards determines the score of the hand.