Bingo Game Guide

Bingo Game Review

What is Bingo?

Bingo is one of the oldest games around and a gambling pastime that manages to draw literally millions of players from all around the world. People are drawn to the simplicity of the game – the need to complete specific patterns on a grid of numbers - as well as the social side of the game.

Where did Bingo Originate?

While lottery type games were popular since man could understand the concept, it wasn’t until the Middle Ages that Italy created its first official lottery as a means of filling the country’s coffers. Other European countries soon jumped on the bandwagon and soon the lottery was a popular pastime throughout the Continent. In the 1920s, the idea of a lottery game was created by an American salesman, Edwin Lowe, who marketed it under the name, Bingo. Today, bingo is enjoyed in all shapes and forms, from local community church events to mega million online events.

What is Online Bingo?

It is only in recent years that the popularity of bingo has moved to online casino sites. Yet the game is certainly making up for lost time and is quietly considered the game with the greatest growth potential in the gaming industry. Today, there are literally thousands of online bingo sites, with people flocking from all over the world to enjoy simple, exciting entertainment and a buzzing internet community life.

What is the Objective of Bingo?

Although there are several variants of the game of bingo, the basic premise remains the same – players need to obtain a grid (or a number of them) with a different, predetermined pattern on each grid. Numbers are randomly called (or displayed, if played at online sites) and players need to cover their numbers as they are called. The first player who manages to complete the pattern on his or her grid calls bingo and is the winner.

Why is Bingo Considered a ‘Social’ Game?

Bingo was traditionally (and still is!) played in a social setting with many different players. Even though it has now moved online as well, bingo sites are jam-packed with gamblers who frequent them for their active chat rooms as much as for their games. The sign of a successful bingo site is thus its buzzing chat rooms, friendly players and interesting conversation that takes place between gamers.

How is Bingo Played in Tournament Form?

Online bingo tournaments are quite the rave at casino sites. Some tournaments charge a buy-in fee, while others don’t. Essentially, players are given a certain amount of credits at the beginning of the tournament. Each time they play a bingo card, a specific amount of credits are deducted from their total amount. Each time they win a bingo game during the tournament, the pot amount is added to their total. The player with the highest score at the end of the tournament is declared the winner and may take home great prizes.