Bingo Game Guide

Bingo Game Rules

What is Bingo in a Nutshell?

Bingo is a lottery type game based on chance alone and is also the fastest growing form of entertainment in the online gambling world. Besides the excitement of filling a bingo card, players are also drawn to the game due to its buzzing social side and the chance to meet friends from all over the world.

What is the Object of Bingo?

Players need to complete a predetermined pattern on a bingo card after numbers are randomly picked and called. If the player calls out ‘bingo’ first, he or she is the winner of that round.

What are Bingo Patterns?

In previous years, typical bingo patterns meant that players simply needed to cover one row of numbers in horizontal, vertical or diagonal positions. Exciting new software and the need to update the game has meant that certain bingo variants may call for players to complete other forms of patterns, such as only the outer rim or the shape of a cross, for example.

What is the Bingo Game Process?

  • Players purchase one or more bingo cards. Online gambling typically allows multiple card playing, with easy-to-use features.
  • Numbers are drawn at random and called. Online sites also display the numbers that are called.
  • Players check to see whether they have the called number on their card/s.
  • Any number claimed by the player is covered.
  • The first player who manages to fill the predetermined pattern first among all the players in the game, and calls BINGO, is declared the winner and – if eligible – wins the prize.

What are the Rules of Online Bingo?

For players who understand the concept of bingo, there is very little difference between the game being played online or offline. Online bingo, however, requires players to take a few necessary steps before they can enjoy a game. The first thing that they are required to do is register with a bingo site of their choice, by providing a few personal details. If they wish to play for real money, they will need to fund their accounts first. Bingo sites aim to make game playing as varied and easy as possible – providing a wide number of game options, patterns, fun side games in between bingo sessions and great features such as a tote board and autoplay. Instead of calling ‘Bingo’, players need to press the BINGO button if they complete a pattern. Chat rooms on these sites are usually great fun, but etiquette rules should be obeyed at all times.