Craps Game Guide

Craps Game Rules

What is Craps in a Nutshell?

Played with just two dice around a specially designed table, craps could easily be described as one of the simplest games of chance around. A good craps player will have an excellent understanding of the game’s rules, especially those that relate to the different betting options.

What is the Object of Craps?

Players wager on the outcome of the total value of the two dice that are thrown across the craps table.

What is the Craps Table?

  • The craps table is unique in design and is where players traditionally place their bets before the game begins.
  • Craps is played between the dealer and the player, although up to 20 players at a time can participate around the player.
  • At a land-based casino, two dealers at either side of the table take bets from players. In addition, there are at least two other attendants around the craps table.
  • The table itself is divided into three sections: the left side, the right side and the center side.
  • Each of the ‘sides’ contain areas known as Pass/Don’t Pass Line Bets; Come/Don’t Come Bets; Odds Bets; Place Bets and Field Bets.

Craps Rules

1. Pass Line Bet 8. Dont' Come Buy Bet 14. Craps 12 Bet
2. Don't Pass Line Bet 9. Do Come Buy Bet 15. Craps 3 Bet
3. Odds Bet 10. Big 6 & Big 8 16. Eleven Bet
4. Come Bet 11. Hardway Bets 17. Any Seven Bet
5. Don't Come Bet 12. Any Craps Bet 18. Horn Bet
6. Field Bet 13. Craps 2 Bet 19. C & E Bet
7. Place Bet        


What are the Various Betting Options for Craps?

Although craps is a simple game to understand, there are quite a number of various betting options that players should familiarize themselves with before beginning to play. The following touches on just some of the more common betting variations available:
Pass Line Bet : When the dice are rolled for the first time in the game, they are called the ‘come out roll’. With the Pass Line Bet, the player bets that this come out roll will total either seven or eleven. The bet loses, however, if the come out roll totals two, three or twelve. If any other number is thrown as the come out roll, it becomes the ‘point’. All wagers are then subsequently moved to the numbered position on the craps table and the Pass Line Bet wins if the Point number is thrown before a seven or eleven.
Come Bet : A prediction on what the next roll of dice will be and can be taken anytime during the shooter’s game. If the roll of the dice totals seven or eleven, this bet wins; but if 2, 3 or 12 are thrown, the Come Bet loses.
Place Bet : The dealer determines the Point of the game and after this step, players can wager Place Bets on numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. If these numbers are thrown before a seven is thrown, the Place Bet wins. If a seven is thrown before any one of these numbers, the Place Bet loses.

What is the Game Process of Craps?

Firstly, the bets are placed on the craps table. Players take turns to roll the dice (or, to be the shooter). The Shooter Rule determines when the dice is passed on to the next player. Once the dice are rolled, the dealer determines who should be paid out winnings, according to the results of the throw and a new game can begin.