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Learn Craps – Learn Craps and Have Fun in the Process

You can learn craps and have great fun in the process. Don’t be intimidated that the craps table may seem complicated at first glance, because it’s not.

You can learn craps and have great fun in the process. Do not be intimidated by the fact that the craps table may seem very complicated at first glance, because it’s actually quite simple

Learn craps and Enjoy the Company of Others

Whether playing on or offline, you are likely to meet a bunch of interesting people on your quest to learn craps.  Even with online craps you will make connections and chat with other players. The fact that the craps game is very exciting and can involve big sums of cash and high risk stakes makes players more chatty and enthusiastic and therefore makes the company more interesting.

It’s Easy to Learn Craps Online

Most online craps casinos offer tutorials to help you on your way.  Online craps offers various ways to bet each dice roll, which allows for a very enticing and fun game. You can bet on any combo of dice rolls, and if you learn how to do with the right technique and method, you will enjoy yourself more as well as stand a chance to make more cash.

Learn Craps at a Regular Casino

When you learn craps and play it at conventional craps at a casino, you will see that each dealer takes care of his or her end of the table. The dealer’s top responsibility is to collect losing bets and to pay off winning bets. There are many bets you can make by yourself, but some of these bets, like the Place and Lay Bets, must be made by a dealer. To make those types of bets, players have to put their chips on the layout and tell the dealer which bets they want.

The craps dealer will take your chips and place them in the correct area of the table’s layout. In order to start making bets a you must first convert some cash into the casino chips. You lay the cash in front of the craps dealer, who hands it to the box man to count the money. The box man will tell the dealer how many chips he must a give to a player.

Learn Craps Proposition Bets

A proposition wager either wins or loses on the next roll. Let’s look at some specific descriptions of the various bets, to help you on your way to learn craps. Craps 2 is a bet that a two will be tolled on the next throw. This bet pays thirty to one. A craps 3 bet says that a three will be rolled on the next throw and this bet will pay out at fifteen to one.  A craps 7 is a wager that a seven will be rolled on the next throw and it pays out four to one.