Craps Game Guide

Live Craps

Live craps is different then online craps for several reasons. Primarily, there is no crowd or other players and you can play for free online.

Craps is one of many casino games that is now available to play online.  Craps has a reputation for being a very fun and rowdy game with multiple people playing at once, hoping (often verbally) that a particular number is rolled.  Live craps is a very participatory game. It is very exciting and a lot of fun.  While the game is now available to be played online, it's probably pretty obvious that the energy isn’t the same as it is with live craps.

You will not have people surrounding the table, making wagers, getting excited about a good roll or expressing disappointment over a bad roll. Online, the game is played in solitude which is a big contrast to how it's played in a brick and mortar casino. However, this does it mean that it still can’t be enjoyable.  You are still able to win money and for many people this is the primary purpose of gambling and playing craps.

Persons may also want to use online craps as a way to practice for when they actually are able to play live craps. There are many free games available online and so it's a great way to get in some extra rolls without having to leave the house.

The rules are primarily the same whether you're playing live craps or online craps.  One of the biggest differences is that is that you don’t have to bet with real money when you are playing online. This is not possible when you are playing in an offline casino. With online casinos, you have a choice concerning whether or not you want to wager money. You can throw some practice rolls without worrying about losing money.  The other big difference is the interaction and the participation with and amongst other players. 

One of the biggest allures of playing craps in the casino is the camaraderie and fun that you get with the other gamblers.  If you are a person who enjoys the game but can do without all of the noise, chatter, people yelling or getting very excitable, then online craps would be a way to play the game without the interaction with other people.

It is important that if you decide to play craps online, especially for money, that you do your research.  There are some very unscrupulous casino owners that will rig their software (in their favor of course) so that you will lose much more money then you win.

Live craps is great for individuals who love being around other people and enjoy the excitement of playing at an actual casino with other gamblers. However, it isn't for everyone. Some people are naturally more introverted or may feel a little bit intimidated or overwhelmed by the atmosphere rowdy atmosphere of live craps but still enjoy the game.  In these cases, it is best for these individuals to find a reputable, online casino and play craps online. They still are able to wager and win money in the privacy and the can do so in quietness and privacy of their own home.