Fruit Machines Game Guide

Fruit Machines Game Review

What are Fruit Machines?

Fruit machines are traditionally found in British pubs and are a close cousin to the regular US slots. While fruit machines started out at land-based casinos and drinking holes, they are now found on the floor on some of the most exclusive casinos in the world, as well as at online casinos where they are growing enormously in popularity. The major difference between regular slots and fruit machines is that success at the latter relies on an element of skill, while to win at slots does not.

Where did Fruit Machines Originate?

Fruit machines are based on the original slot machines created by a Bavarian immigrant to the United States in 1887. The first Liberty Bell was the prototype for all slot machines that followed in the years to come, even though the mechanics and other essential features changed over time. While the Americans faced Prohibition in the 20s, the popularity of slot machines boomed in the United Kingdom and these entertainment machines – known as fruit machines – attracted millions of Britons each year. Fruit machines are a much-loved and sought-after form of entertainment in the United Kingdom and have also started to gain popularity around the rest of the world.

What are Online Fruit Machines?

Fruit machines are probably the newest addition the online gambling industry, thanks to their appeal in the UK. While these games are usually lumped together with slots, the fact is that they are in a class of their own, mainly due to their skill element. Thanks to the online gambling world, anybody from around the globe can partake in this classically English form of entertainment and learn how to play with online tutorials and free software. Another huge drawcard to online fruit machines is that fact that they have a higher payout rate than land-based fruit machines.

What is the Objective of Fruit Machines?

Played along the same lines as traditional slot machines, fruit machines call for players to line up three of the same symbols along the middle row. If they are successful, they can choose to gamble their winnings by partaking in bonus games and other exciting options. If they choose not to gamble their winnings, they can simply claim their prize and end the game.

What is the Skill Element in Fruit Machines?

As previously mentioned, there is a certain skill element involved in fruit machine playing that differs from traditional slots. In short, players are able to affect the outcome of their game through several features. Some of these exciting features include the hold button (which allows players to hold up to two reels while spinning others) and the nudge button (which allows them to create winning combinations by moving a symbol down). This skill element makes fruit machines much more appealing to many players who may be attracted to the idea of slot machines that aren’t totally dependent on luck alone.