Fruit Machines Game Guide

Fruit Machines Game Rules

What are Fruit Machines in a Nutshell?

Fruit machines are the British answer to slot machines with one major advantage: Fruit machines come with a certain element of skill that allows players to determine the outcome of the game in many cases. This makes fruit machines much more appealing than slots to players who are after a challenge. 

What is the Object of Fruit Machines?

The objective of fruit machines is very similar to slots. Players need to obtain three of the same symbols in the middle row, paid out in consecutive order from left to right. Players need to use the different features offered to them to try and improve their winnings.

What is the Game Process of Fruit Machines?

  • Players pick a fruit machine based on what appeals to them, as well as what suits their bankroll.
  • The game begins with players inserting the necessary coins and denominations.
  • The player spins the reels by pulling the lever or pressing the SPIN button (in the case of online fruit machine gaming).
  • No winning combination on the middle row constitutes a loss, and at this stage the game is over.
  • However, if a player is lucky enough to obtain three in a row, he or she can choose to either take the winnings or wager these winnings by advancing up the cash ladder.
  • To advance up this ladder, players need to answer a number of questions correctly. Each correct answer earns the player another step up the ladder. At any point in the game, players can decide to fold up and simply take the winnings.
  • An incorrect guess means that player loses all that he or she has won to date.

What are Feature Boards?

One of the most popular features available on fruit machines is the feature board. Although it is not found on all types of machines, it is nonetheless very common. The feature board essentially allows players to move along a board that is similar to a game board consisting of squares. Each square offers the player the chance to win unique prizes, such as an extra life in the game, ‘x2’ which multiplies the cash ladder win by two, ‘10’ which adds an extra $10 to the player’s booty, and many more. This is a fun feature that adds a lot of appeal to fruit machines in general. 

What are Nudge/Hold Buttons?

Another kind of special feature found on fruit machines (and which is not found on traditional slot machines) is the Nudge or Hold button. Both these buttons give players the chance to directly determine the outcome of the game and definitely contribute to a higher rate of success. If a player manages to come out with a round of good spins, he or she is awarded up to four nudge buttons. These buttons can be used to move (nudge) reels ever so slightly and therefore make up a winning combination. Likewise, the hold button also contributes to the player’s success by allowing him or her to hold one reel while the others spin.