Roulette Game Guide

Roulette Game Rules

What is Roulette in a Nutshell?

As a game based solely on luck, with no need to develop any skill strategies and extremely simple to understand, roulette – with its impressive table and wheel - is definitely one of the major draw cards to any gambling establishment or online casino.

What is the Object of Roulette?

Players need to predict into which slot the ball will fall after the roulette wheel is spun and comes to a standstill. Correct predictions are paid out accordingly.

How is Roulette Played?

  • Bets are placed on a specially designed roulette table.
  • After the croupier announces that there is no more betting to be had, he or she spins the roulette wheel and drops the ball into the wheel while it is still turning.
  • The ball falls into one of the slots and the wheel, which eventually comes to a standstill.
  • All winning numbers are isolated on the roulette table.
  • The table is cleared, all winning bets are paid out and wagers can be placed for the next round of roulette.

What is the Roulette Wheel?

The American roulette wheel has 38 slots (numbers 1-36 and two zeroes), while the European roulette wheel has 37 slots (less one zero).

The zero slots are green in color; all other numbers are either red or black in color.

The wheel has slots placed in alternate patterns of odd numbers and even numbers, as well as alternative colors.

When the ball falls into one of these slots on the roulette wheel, this is what determines the payout.

What is the Roulette Table?

The thirty-six numbers (without the zeroes) on the roulette wheel are represented on the roulette table to enable players to place their bets in a simple way. These numbers are arranged in three columns of 12. In addition to these numbered bets, there are also other types of bets that players can wager, such as odds and evens.

Roulette Rules

The Winning Payouts :


bullet Straight up the return is 35-1
bullet Split   17-1
bullet Street   11-1
bullet Corner   8-1
bullet First Five    6-1
bullet First Four   5-1
bullet Six Line   2-1
bullet Column   2-1
bullet Red/Black   1-1
bullet Odd/Even   1-1
bullet High/Low   1-1


What are Different Betting Options on a Roulette Table?

In general, bets on the game of roulette are divided into two distinct categories – inside and outside bets. Within each category, there are various options, each with their own payout rates. An inside bet is usually one that constitutes wagering on a specific number, known as a straight bet, with payout odds of 35:1 A split bet is also an inside bet and means that the player wagers that one of two adjacent numbers will appear. A split bet pays out 17:1. An outside bet on the roulette table could be a prediction that the ball may fall on either black or red. These types of bet are the most common and pay out 1:1 for obvious reasons. Another outside bet is an odd or even prediction that also pays out 1:1.

What is the En Prison Rule?

The ‘en prison’ rule, unique to European roulette, means that if the ball falls on the zero on the wheel, the player can take back half his bet or he can leave the money ‘in prison’ for another spin. If the next spin produces another zero, the player loses the whole bet.