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Sic bo strategy

Sic Bo Strategy – Finding a Winning Strategy for Sic Bo

There are various kinds of strategies for Sic Bo – low risk Sic Bo strategy, medium risk Sic Bo strategy and high risk Sic Bo strategy.

Low Risk Strategy

Low risk Sic Bo strategy means making the smallest edged bets, namely the small and big wagers. The bets on Small or Big are the closest bets to even money and you have more or less a 50/50 chance of winning on them. This means that you will win around half the time, and when you do you will double your money. This is certainly not the way to make millions, but it will keep you on a relatively even keel, and keep you playing sic Bo for longer.

Slightly less low risk, than the Small or Big bet, betting on a single Sic Bo number coming up is still a fairly low risk bet. As there are three die, and only 6 numbers this means that there is a pretty good chance of it coming up on at least one of those faces. The joy with the single number Sic Bo bet is that it is accumulative too. So, you could just get an even number payout, but on the same bet, you could also double or even triple your money, making this a very attractive Sic Bo bet and a good strategy to use.

Medium Risk Strategy

Betting on specific Sic Bo number totals is a difficult thing to do, but people do because of the high payouts. There are totals that are more likely to come up than others though, making this a medium risk Sic Bo Strategy. The totals of 10 and 11 are the most likely Sic Bo totals to come out, as the number of combinations that result in these numbers are greater than any others. As such, the payouts for 10 and 11 are usually lower than other combinations. It is important to remember that when dealing with combinations; Sic Bo is all maths. The worst combination bets to wager on are 4 or 17 because there is only one way to create each of these combinations, making a hit very unlikely.

High Risk

The most high risk Sic Bo bet is betting on a specific triple; if you want to make a triple bet, the best strategy is to go for "any triple", the payout is certainly less than a specific triple, but your chances of winning it are far higher. If you are going make these high risk Sic Bo bets you should wager only the smallest denominations. This is for two reasons. Firstly, it is the least likely bet and therefore you want to limit your Sic Bo expenses. Secondly, they payout the highest, so even with a small bet you will make a huge winning.

Remember that Sic Bo is a game of chance, so any Sic Bo strategy that is based on anything other than likely payouts is simply not genuine. The best Sic Bo strategy is to combine all of these strategies in moderation, that way your Sic Bo game will be interesting, exciting, and hopefully lucrative.