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Online Progressive Slots

Types of Online Progressive Slots Options

Megabucks is not the only form of online progressive slots these days. A look at different types of online progressive slots.

Online Progressive Slots Tips

Gone are the days when online progressive slots players were limited to MegaBucks.  Slot manufacturers have introduced many progressive versions over the last few years.  Let’s look at the online progressive slots available at the moment.

Firstly you need to be aware that there are 2 levels of progressive jackpots - primary and secondary. Most of them have at least 3 coins as well as many pay symbol possibilities and graduated jackpots.

Remember to check out the primary and secondary jackpots before playing any single group of progressives.  Also compare your machine to other surrounding progressives on the casino floor or website to see how high the other jackpots are relative to their starting bet amounts.  Keep in mind that a progressive jackpot’s meter automatically resets to the base jackpot amount after it has hit.

Top Ten Online Progressive Slots

1) Jackpot Bingo has 2 progressive jackpots, a primary one that resets to $200 grand in NV casinos, and a secondary that resets at 25 grand.

2) Quarter Deluxeby IGT is paid in annual installments; the jackpot is reset to $200,000 after a hit.

3) Betty Boop's Big Hit resets at $100,000 jackpot and is paid immediately. The multi-denomination feature means that it supports games of various denominations to contribute and compete for one common jackpot.

4) When you play max coins, and a Jeopardy! Symbol appears on the 3rd reel of Progressive Jeopardy 25c slots, it triggers a bonus round. The primary jackpot resets at $200,000 and is paid in installments.

5) Cash Quest has a bonus board feature that starts with the 3rd reel where you hit a button to ‘catch and collect’ extra wins of twenty-five up to thousand coins. 3 party symbols means that you take the progressive jackpot home that resets to $100 000.

6) The Wheel of Fortune online progressive slots games is the most popular games and they are available in 4 denominations-quarters, 50 cents, dollars and 5 dollars. The $1 version resets to one million dollars and quarters to 200,000 US dollars after every win.

7) The Elvis Quarter Progressive is a 3-reel, 3-coin slot that has a bonus feature that plays all your favorite Elvis tunes including Heartbreak Hotel, JailHouse Rock, and Hound Dog. The MegaJackpot instant winner starts at 100 000 US dollars after it pays out.

8) The first Addams Family MegaJackpot is a nickel machine jackpot that pays out instant jackpots.

9) Nickel Deluxe is a five-cent Slot Machine that requires 5 coins (a total of 25 cents) for you to stand a chance to hit the jackpot that is reset to $250,000.00 after a hit.

10) Party-Time players can play IGT’s progressive 3-reel, 3-coin version. Look out for the Vision Series platform and a huge jackpot that resets to 100 000 US dollars after a hit and is paid instantly.