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The myth of 'loose' and 'tight' slot machines

Loose and Tight Slots – The Myth of Tight Online Slots

Some online slot machines are known to be tight and loose. A look at the myth or facts behind tight online slot machines and loose online slot machines.

Explaining 'loose' and 'tight' slots machines …

In order to discuss the myth regarding loose and tight slot machines, it is first necessary to explain the relevant terms.  The expression of a loose machine is used to describe slot machines that seemingly may have been set to pay back greater payouts than other machines.  Tight machines are therefore considered to be the opposite.

Slot machine location …

One of the greatest myths regarding loose slot machines is regarding the placement of such machines in the casino.  There are those that believe that the loose machines are placed near the entrance to the casino in order to attract and entice players into the casino's folds.  There is also a myth that the loose slot machines are usually placed at the end of a row of slots so that players of other games can see that a slots player is winning.  However, it should be noted that laws that regulate the casino operation prohibit any messing with the machine in order to swing an advantage on a particular game or to influence the results of a game in any way. 

Slot myths exist at the best online casino …

Although some myths concerning slot machine games may have originated in a brick and mortar casino, there are plenty myths regarding the online slot machines that are present today at the online casinos.

There is another popular belief that if a slot machine has just paid out a jackpot prize, it is not worth playing as it will be 'tight'.  The truth regarding this myth whether at a land-based casino or online casino site is that the slot does not really know that it has just paid out winnings and can not control when it provides a winning combination and makes payouts.

RNG expels the online slot myth …

Perhaps the greatest myth concerning online slot machines is that if the player had remained for just one additional spin then the jackpot would have been one.  This is just not true.  Today's online slot machine games are controlled by the inclusion of a random number generator (RNG) into the slot machine software.  This RNG ensures the honesty and fairness of the game making certain that the outcome of the online slot game will be entirely random.

There are those players that perhaps enjoyed believing in the existence of loose and tight slot machines.  However, at today's online casinos thanks to great efforts to ensure fairness of play, the online slot machine games are expected to be entirely random.  It could therefore perhaps be said that believing in loose and tight machines at the modern online casinos is rather like believing in the tooth fairy.