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Call the HelpLine and speak to a trained Advisor for counselling support, information and advice. 8am - midnight, 7 days a week.

The Problem

Many people today can safely and responsibly enjoy the thrill of a little gambling, whether it's spinning a few reels of slots or playing a couple of hands of poker with friends. Nearly everyone understands that it's just a game, and the financial aspect simply adds an extra dimensional of excitement to it.

But even the pro players, the people who make their living by assessing the odds and deciding whether or not to play, even they know when to stop. The fact is, any rational person can sense when it's time to stop playing - there is simply no sense in pouring your life savings into a losing streak.

But some people cannot approach gambling in a rational way. For them, it isn't fun or relaxing, it's about feeding a need - a need that can never be satisfied. These people ` addicted to gambling in the same way that an alcoholic needs that next drink.

And just like AA is there to help alcoholics, there is an organisation dedicated to helping compulsive gamblers.
We at want to ensure that your online gaming experience is enjoyable and trouble-free, so here are some details about GamCare that might assist you.

What GamCare Does

GamCare is a non-profit organisation based in the United Kingdom. Their mission is to educate people about the risks associated with gambling in a clear informative way that does not seek to pass judgement.

They also serve the community by providing counselling and support to people suffering from gambling addiction, telephonically, over the Internet and in person.

GamCare also works with both traditional land-based and online casinos to help them implement measures that protect vulnerable people at risk of developing addiction. This takes the form of training casino staff to recognise and react to the signs of gambling addiction.
In the case of online casinos, it also includes advising on software mechanisms that can detect addictive patterns of behaviour and prevent players from going too far, and methods of ensuring that children cannot access gambling software.

Call Centre

In the UK, GamCare operates a call centre which is available seven days a week all year round. It is run by dedicated team who are highly trained both in the issues around compulsive gambling, and in counselling people who are suffering from it.

The call centre serves as a base point for getting help, and is intended both to assist gambling addicts in their recovery and to provide information and advice to people who may be working with addicts.
The call centre may be reached any day of the week between 8 in the morning and 12 at night on 0845 6000 133.

Face-To-Face Counselling

In addition to telephonic support, GamCare councillors for recovery programs for gambling addicts who recognise that they have problem and are committed to reclaiming their lives and developing the skills they need to cope with their addiction.
The GamCare recovery programme is comprehensive. It involves three months of face-to-face counselling in a group session environment at their offices in London Bridge. 

Online Counselling

GamCare also provide online counselling, either via e-mail or via live chat on their website. Visit for more information.